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People stand in doorsteps of bus may cause accidents. To prevent such accidents the bus will not move until the people get in the bus properly, and no one is standing on the doorsteps.

Novelty and Usefulness

This innovation will help protect the public travelling by bus. This innovation will mainly avoid accidents which are caused due to the public standing in the doorsteps. The public travelling by bus need some safety for travelling, hence this innovation is a preventing step for such accidents.

Description of Innovation

To prevent the accidents in the bus we will accommodate the sides with the proximity sensors so that it will detect if there is any person standing in the doorsteps. If there is any person standing in the doorstep then the bus will not start. if there is no one then the bus will go ahead.


For now when this is will be implemented for the PMPML the accidents will be reduced by a greater rate. This innovation can further be used in railways also so that many people standing in the doorways will be made to sit in their respective seats or stand in side the train.

Current Stage

The main limitation faced is the increasing public crowd on bus stops. To overcome this limitation the frequency of buses must be increased to a great extent and the bus should be available to almost all the areas of the cities. If the bus frequency is increased then only many people will travel by bus and the crowd in each will be reduced hence causing easy functioning of this innovation and reduced accidents.

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Santhosh thought about this idea while commuting from his village to his school. He finds physics quite easy and wants to pursue aeronautical engineering and take up space research.