I started i4c.co.in helping the consumers of India buy the right products for their homes. The team at i4c (Information for Consumers) is geared up towards providing well researched and unbiased product recommendations to our readers.

The need to start this blog arose when I was trying to buy a washing machine for my mom in India (I was working in the UK at that time).

I realized that not even the online marketplaces selling these products list down the correct specifications for the individual models that they sell. Buyers were blindsided into buying wrong products by the sellers.

i4c aims to help these consumers by doing the research on their behalf (We spend a lot of time looking at the product, the manufacturer website and product catalogues to compare the right specifications)

I know, I may not be right all the time but even if I am able to help a few fellow Indians buy right I will reached my goal of starting this blog.