EGate i9 vs k9 vs O9 [Best Projector?]

In this post, I will be comparing three projector series offered by EGate in India. i.e the EGate i9 vs k9 vs O9. I will discuss the features of each of the models and will help you buy the right projector for your needs.

EGate was incorporated in 2011. The company offers a range of projectors to retail as offices and schools. These projectors are designed to deliver excellent video quality, sharp pictures, and high contrast ratio. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a CRISIL rating and BIS certification.


Summary – EGate i9 vs k9 vs O9

In this section, I will be summarizing my findings of comparing these three projector series. So, if you do not wish to go through the entire article and only looking for the right suggestions, then this section is for you.

If you are looking to buy a projector for everyday/frequent usage or for using it in your office (looking to project numbers/detailed graphs) then this is the projector you should opt for. It gives you the most clarity, autofocus, and auto-tilt correction. It also comes with a free Firestick to help you stream content from OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Jio Cinemas, etc

Planning to have movie nights with a few friends once in a while? Opt for this projector. It comes with built-in Andriod and OTT Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. This projector also has autofocus but less clarity compared to the projector I recommended above.

If you are quite hands-on with technology, can handle Firestick installation, connecting various devices & manually focusing the screen, then you may get this budget projector from EGate. However, do keep in mind that this series has the least video and audio quality compared to both the projectors I recommended above. This projector is only ideal for students or someone who is looking to test out entry-level projectors before buying a good model for their homes.

With my recommendations out of the way, let me get into the technicals of these three projectors.


EGate i9 vs k9 vs O9

It is very easy to understand that the i9 is an entry-level series from EGate based on the prices. However, it is not easy to make a purchase decision based on the price of the product. Especially when EGate offers higher-grade projectors like the K9 and O9 for anyone with a slight bump in the prices.

To make things easier to understand, I have made a comparison table to compare EGate i9 vs k9 vs O9. I have compared it on most factors that an average end user would like to know before buying.

Do note that to compare the video quality, look at the ANSI & Lumens below. The higher the number, the better the video output is (generally). Think of them as pixels while comparing camera quality.

SpecificationsEGate i9 SeriesEGate k9 SeriesEGate o9 Series
TypeEntry   LevelMid   LevelSlighly   Premium
ResolutionFull   HD – 1080 PixelsFull   HD – 1080 PixelsFull   HD – 1080 Pixels
Contrast Ratio2000:13000:120,000:1
RAM2   GB2   GB
Memory8   GB16   GB
Connectivity2xHDMI,   USB, VGA, AV In/Out, SD Card2xHDMI,   USB, VGA, Bluetooth 5.0 + Dual Wifi2xHDMI,   USB, VGA, Bluetooth 5.1 + Dual Wifi
Speakers3   Watt Inbuilt5 WattDolby   – 5 Watt x 2 Speakers
External SpeakersCan   be connectedCan   be connectedCan   be connected
Smart AndriodNoYesYes

EGate i9 vs k9:

The main difference between the EGate I9 and K9 is that the i9 is the most entry-level (but budget-friendly) projector that you can buy. The video and audio quality is not great and you will have a hard time setting it up as everything needs to be done manually. K9 is slightly better video, audio as well and connectivity options compared to the i9 series.

EGate I9 Vs K9 Vs O9

If you have the budget, opt for k9 or higher series projectors. They are simply worth the extra money.



EGate k9 vs O9:

The main difference between EGate K9 and O9 is that the O9 has a much superior Video and Audio output. O9 boasts of 690 ANSI lens with an output of 9000 Lumens while K9 has a 400 ANSI Lens with only 6900 Lumens output. O9 also comes with a dual 5-watt Dolby audio which is much better compared to K9.

If you are buying a project for regular home or office use, I would surely recommend in investing the extra amount and option for O9 series EGate projector.



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EGate I9 Vs K9 Vs O9 Projector Comparison and Review



Additional Points to Note:

  • EGate i9 series has around 3 to 4 models in India. Make sure you only buy the model that I recommended above. It comes with a free Firestick, which you will need if you planning on streaming content from OTT apps.
  • Similarly, the O9 series also has around 5 models. Make sure you get the one that I linked above. I have also written a post comparing the O9 Pro Zen, O9 Zen, and O9 Pro. You can read more about these models by clicking here.
  • My overall best projector pick in India currently would be this model by BenQ.


This brings me to the end of my review comparing EGate i9 vs k9 vs O9. Which one did you decide to opt for?

Do let me know in the comments below.


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