Kick Starting India's Idea and Innovation Movement

Idea Categories and Submissions

  • SADHU CONCEIVED of a remote monitoring device that could be ‘worn’ and that would track the vitals of the user; the device would trigger an emergency response mechanism when something was wrong...
    45 votes
  • a) ToucHb is a non-invasive anemia screening device, targeted at reducing maternal and child mortality. It is a hand-held, battery operated, simple to use machine that estimates blood hemoglobin,...
    41 votes
  • wheelchair specially designed for paralyzed and which operate just through breathing. This wheelchair prototype uses an innovative battery operated breathing sensor invented by Susant...
    38 votes
  • 3nethra – A single, portable, intelligent, non-invasive, non-mydriatic eye pre-screening device that can detect the above 5 major ailments Provides an automated “Normal" or "Need to See a Doctor" report...
    37 votes
  • The product is useful in accident cases where the first one hour is called the golden hour as a lot of blood flows during this one hour. “Preventing bleeding at the accident spot effectively saves a life...
    34 votes
  • A portable kit with a set of sensors for high risk and normal pregnancy care at your doorstep , via mobile application interface and web portal...
    24 votes
  • It is a simple, non‐invasive healthcare information monitoring system, which can monitor vital parameters and transmit user-specific data using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi technology...
    21 votes
  • Sanket: Pocket ECG Recorder

    ‘Sanket’ monitors and transmits wellness data via Bluetooth, plays a buzzer in case of emergency ECG waveform displays on smart phone, transmits data via BT...
    19 votes
  • SmartCaneTM device is an electronic travel aid which fits on the top fold of the white cane...
    18 votes
  • Universal Digital Braille Book is designed using the principles of embedded systems...
    18 votes
  • A much needed innovation to provide safe drinking water to underprivileged populations and prevent water-borne diseases. This innovative hand pump has been designed so that while the groundwater is being pumped by either muscular or solar energy....
    45 votes
  • In India alone 1600 children die every day due to waterborne diseases which is largely preventable if safe drinking water is ensured. Major obstacles to consumption of safe drinking water include primary contamination of the source and secondary contamination at the home...
    38 votes
  • This is a water purification system which involves taking water from a source such as a pond or lake with the help of a suction pipe and passing...
    38 votes
  • A unique technology was developed by the ancient Tamils for the perfect management of water which is the main source of life for all living species...
    37 votes
  • PurAll is a simple, affordable water disinfection solution suitable for rural water supply schemes and hand pumps to provide measured chlorination...
    34 votes
  • Artificial Vortex (ArVo) Power Generation is an innovative run-of-the-river (without dams) hydroelectric power generation scheme that effectively extracts kinetic energy from flowing water producing 100% green electricity....
    24 votes
  • SimplEye is an accessibility app for visually impaired. It has been designed and developed from scratch for its users. This has meant smarter solutions coupled with enviable ease of use.
    45 votes
  • Talking gloves are invented with an intention to convert hand gestures into speech.The inventor\’s IP is the development of a device that recognizes the user’s hand gestures and outputs an electronically generated voice...
    38 votes
  • Fin is a tiny hardware product that you can wear to the thumb of your hand and it will make your whole palm as a touch interface.Fin is wearable and easily portable, so no doubt...
    38 votes
  • Pine needles which litter the forest floor during dry summer months form a carpet on the soil causing the rainwater to run down the slopes before it percolates into the soil. On the other hand, the highly...
    37 votes
  • This is a very efficient lamp with a solar charger. Once fully charged, it can provide light for 40 Hours. The unique features of this product are its high efficiency and extremely reliable operation and long life of 10 years...
    34 votes
  • An invaluable aid to farmers to reduce the labour needed in harvesting while cutting down the usage of fossil fuels in conventional harvesters. The solar powered harvester can reap paddy and wheat among other crops and can collect food....
    33 votes
  • The fuel flexibility offered by this technology find wide applications in vehicle engines, generators and special purpose equipment for personal and industrial users and help consumers adopt cost effective and renewable fuels....
    31 votes
  • Indian agriculture occupies an eminent position in global cultivation of rice, wheat, sugarcane, pulses and vegetables. Sustainable agriculture should carefully consider maintaining and improving the existing soil..
    27 votes
  • It is a solar mosquito trapper cum destroyer that can be used in areas with a septic tank, which are common in many areas that do not have drainage pipelines...
    24 votes
  • This is a self-defense device in the form of a Jewelry Ring, but consisting of a micro needle, micro pump, and a micro-tank containing Capsaicin. Capsaicin is a very potent chemical that stimulates...
    20 votes

About the Event

  • Agenda

    'Inclusive Innovations-2014' will help and support innovations and innovators by giving innovators opportunities to discuss funding and further technology development possibilities with Industrial Houses.

  • Benefits and Prizes

    A unique platform for connectivity: Meet venture capitalists and angel investors, titans of industry, government funding agencies and other fellow innovators from different walks of life. I4C provides opportunity to the innovators to present their innovations to funders. Up to INR 5 Crore of funding is available.

  • Important Dates

    Idea Submission : 17th May 2014 - 30th Oct 2014
    Last date for Online Submission of application form : 15th Oct 2014
    Announcement of shortlisted projects : 25th Oct 2014
    National Fair at Knowledgexpo 2014 : 20th - 22nd Nov 2014

Last Year’s Innovation Event

The 2013 event was a huge success with more than 9000 ideas received across 10 categories.

About i4C

What is i4C?
Inter-Institutional Inclusive Innovations Corporation (i4C)

What is the mission of i4C?
i4C will act as a platform to proactively scout, showcase and handhold
technology innovations, especially aimed at the base of the pyramid. Through i4C, we wish to systematically support innovations and innovators and make them market ready. i4C will also aggressively work to promote the culture of
Innovation through crowdsourcing of new ideas, Grand Challenges and
Innovation Competitions from across the nation.

Leader Speak

  • Dr. Arun Jamkar
    Vice Chancellor,
    Maharashtra University of Health Sciences,
    “We need knowledge sharing and development platforms like these, where experts and stakeholders from various domains can effectively collaborate”
  • Prof. Anil Gupta
    Executive Chair,
    National Innovation Foundation
    "Our conference on inclusive innovations will help in facilitation what I call the golden triangle of rewarding creativity; that is, innovation, investment and enterprise."
  • Dr. Anand Deshpande
    Chairman and Managing Director,
    Persistent Systems
    "At Persistent Systems, we continue to track new industry trends, explore creative development as well as encourage innovative ideas and we are delighted to host this unique and progressive conference to help foster grass roots development and innovation."
  • Hon'ble Shri K. Sankaranarayan
    Governer of Maharashtra
    "The idea is extremely interesting and I sincerely hope we can identify some innovations that will benefit the bottom of the pyramid."
  • Mr. Prataprao Pawar
    Sakal Media Group
    "In order to foster innovation in India, it is important for universities and industries to work together and provide an environment that encourages innovative thinking."
  • Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar
    Ex-DG CSIR & Global Research Alliance,
    New Delhi
    "From being a third world country, India has become the third most powerful country, an achievement driven by innovation — Indian innovation — using the More from Less for More (MLM) strategy."
  • Dr. Anil Kakodkar
    Ex-Chairman Atomic Energy Commission,
    Govt. of India
    "It is essential to have such researches that would not only benefit the society but also open up business avenues."
  • Prof. V. M. Pandharipande
    Vice Chancellor,
    Dr. BAM University,
    "In order to build a strong nation, we need to be innovative. The objective of this University-Industry forum is to bring creative minds together for constructive work leading to technology of the future."
  • Mr. Anant Sardeshmukh
    Director General,
    Mahratta Chamber of commerce
    Industries and Agriculture
    "Innovation is not certainly invention. Invention may sound bit difficult but innovation is definitely much simpler and is imperative. Hence it is also essential to carry this message and create a culture fostering innovation. A confluence of Academia, Industry and government is indeed, need of the hour."