Please click on 'Login/Register' button on the top right corner of the i4c website to be directed to the registration page. Fill out the details as requested and then click on 'Submit' to complete the registration.
Idea submission is open during an event or idea competition only.
If you are submitting the idea for the first time, you are required to first complete the registration process. Once done, you will be automatically directed to the idea submission page. If you are already registered with us, you are required to use your credentials to login and click on 'Submit Idea' which will direct you to idea submission page
There are 2 screens for the idea submission page. The first screen will capture all the details related to the idea/ innovation. Once all the details are filled on first screen, please click on Submit. This will lead you to another page where you can upload images and supporting documents of the innovation.
There are various mandatory fields on the idea submission page. If any field input is missing or filled incorrectly, the information system will not accept the idea. Please check the error message at the top of the page, correct the error and submit again.
The system counts the character numbers while what we see on the word files are word numbers. E.g.: The counts on word file display as 50 words, not characters. Our system may be asking you to reduce the number of characters in a desired column to submit the details. If you cannot submit all the details in that character length, please upload brief documents as the attachment in the respective section of the idea submission page.
This portal has a security protocol to avoid any malfunction and hacking activity and therefore, the system will automatically logout from your profile every 20-30 minutes. It's recommended that innovators keep their text information ready and after login simply copy paste all the details instead of typing it. We also recommend that It is important that you save all the information once it is entered on the system.
Name of the innovator(s) or owner of an idea need to be provided. One may also add a few details about the innovator, however this is optional.
Tags are keyword which will help viewers to select submitted ideas with that information. For example an innovation which is focused on Hemoglobin can have tags Healthcare, Embedded system, non-invasive, Hemoglobin etc.
The System by design takes the registered person as the innovator. If the person who registered on the system puts his/her name in the contributors list, it gets duplicated. Remove the registered person's name from contributor list and submit again.
Captcha is a function which helps to prevent spam or automatic script to be active on portal. Please provide answer of simple math equation in desired column before click on proceed or submit button e.g.: 29-9 = 20
Any document PDF, Word or PPT which will help with detailed information about an idea or an innovation and be prove helpful to the judges for review purpose, should be uploaded on screen no. 2 of the idea submission page. The images of innovation can also be uploaded in order to give a clear picture of the product for review purpose.
Once your innovation is submitted on the portal, you will get a confirmation email on your registered email id. All the ideas will be reviewed and scrutinized by innovation specialists and judges. The panel will select the set of ideas from each group, which will be called upon at event finale to demonstrate to the judges, industry people, venture capitalists, and investors. These business communities look for the best innovations they can invest in. For competition process, the best demonstrated innovations will be awarded at the end of finale in cash and consolation prizes.
i4c provides a platform to proceed with any idea to take further for scalability or commercialization by generating ample opportunities to get in touch with venture capitals, Industries and investors, who, if interested, would support an idea/innovation.
There is an announcement done after every competition on 'News Update' section of our website’s media page. We also circulate the result announcement notice on our social media pages.

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