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Digital management of public buses is required. A dashboard that can display all bus related data at the click of a button can immensely help in improving the efficiency of the existing fleet of buses under PMPML. For instance bus related data like, the time when a bus is supposed to be on road, when a bus is supposed to go to workshop, the scheduled arrival and departure times, and whether all of this is happening or not.

Novelty and Usefulness

Stakeholders :
Within organization -
Higher authorities.
Workshop employee(manager , mechanic , engineer ,etc).
Depot employees(manager , mechanic , timekeeper etc).

media related person like :
local news channel head or editor.
radio service head or host.
news paper head or editor.

Others -
Police control room.

Description of Innovation

Please refer the uploaded document for detailed solution


Role based Functionalities to all the stakeholders.

Information about Buses , Routes , Bus-stops , Depots and Workshops.

Map to show bus routes and current location.

Forum and Feedback System to resolve and get queries and feeds of peoples.

Alert and Notification System and integration with Social Network and Social Apps + default SMS alerts.

Current Stage

We will be creating a web application.


CSS / CSS 3 - Framework Bootstrap

JavaScript - Framework JQuery

PHP (5.4 and greater) - Framework Yii

MYSQL DB - with phpmyadmin (tool)

API - Facebook , Google , twitter, WhatsApp , Hike(optional)

Apache Server / Linux webhosting

How will we implement the idea?

1.We will gather requirement from videos , problem statement and concerned stakeholders.

2.We will prepare architecture for application based on analysis of requirement.

3.Design : We will prepare high level design and low level design for application.

4.We will code and test our application using appropriate testing tools.

5.We will deploy our application as a beta version and it will be made available for all stakeholders.

6.We will convert into product by taking care of all the suggestions from the users.

Further Research




Award / Support


Submitted By


1. Vikram Barandwal
2. Ruturaj kulkarni
3. Aparana Chavan
4. Aakriti Sharma.