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Many a times, the stolen vehicles are abandoned and often the number plates are removed or faked thus, leaving the authorities with just the chassis number and the engine number as a mode of identification. This data is insufficient for the authorities to ascertain the owner of such vehicles and take the required measures. As per our Pune police commissioner at present there are more than 1000 vehicles lying unclaimed with the Pune police, leaving these vehicle owners hanging.

Novelty and Usefulness

As mentioned in the use cases, if a person loses his/her vehicle then they are uncertain about the current location of the vehicle.Is it not obvious, that he/she will not run around searching at several police stations? Also, for how long should he/she approach the local authorities as it is cumbersome and tedious for both the parties involved.
On the other hand, it is also very time consuming for the different authorities to communicate with each other regarding the vehicle which may even at times lead to a communication gap. Also as mentioned in the problem statement the police personnel are sometimes unable to investigate about the owner of the unclaimed vehicle.

Description of Innovation

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Current Stage

As mentioned about all the solutions above, The total estimation efforts needed to create a minimum viable product are :

Setup Requirements :
The Setting up of all the Servers , Databases and then connecting those Servers and Databases to the actual web portal would require a minimum of 2 to 3 Days.

Management Requirements :
Minimum One person or max Two would be required for managing the Server and Updating the Databases.

Development :
To actually build, test and integrate the system we will need a group of about 6 people working for around 6 hours a day which will continue for a month.

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