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Buses have parking issues at depot. People get confuse about schedule of buses and prefer their own vehicle. Traffic issues as people don't use public transport mostly. Increasing pollution.

Novelty and Usefulness

Increase use of public transport. More digital improvements so that people get details of buses on fingertips. Proper scheduling of buses timings. Digitization and transparency in public transport.

Description of Innovation

Using RFID we track each bus and its route dynamically. Reporting of buses to depot is automatically done through RFID.
Use of UHF-RFID Reader to get information of buses as buses arived.
System generate message to people about details of nearest bus stops, dynamic bus schedule, delay in bus timings, any new scheme initiated for students, senior citizens, etc.
By analysing any persons' regular routine of travelling, system generate message of any new scheme initiated and daily bus schedule using concept of IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Cards.
If any area is using public transport frequently, then extra buses must be provided so bus driver get dynamic intimation to provide service to that area.
Tracking of buses if any accident or delay is occurred through GPS and RFID integration.


More use of public transportation in city. Less pollution as more people will use public transport. Digitization of public transport.
We can also provide this system to railway transportation in future to ease use for people to transport.

Current Stage

1. Every bus in city must have RFID tag associated with its vehicle information.
2. GPS tracking system is need to implement for bus transport.

Which area use public transport frequently is to analyse at prior.
How schedule is prepared and manage currently is to analyse and how existing system work for transportation.
Do any measures is taken by government so that people will attract toward use of public transport.?
Proposed system is tested currently at analysis level and no practical testing is performed. But, after practical implementation we can test it at real-time.

Further Research

Every bus-stop, bus depot and bus may have Wi-Fi facility.
One survey need to be conduct, How many percent people will use public transport if this idea is implemented and facilities are provided.


As such no competitors are found as per analysis

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Yadnesh Joshi - Developer
Pratik Gharate - Developer
Nikhil Alai - Designer
Chetan Ahire - Big Data Analyst
Samadhan Sonavane - Guide