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Currently, all Traffic Control Police Inspectors are using conventional method to collect various types of fines/penalties. They are manually preparing the fine / penalties receipts through preprinted receipt book. This activity consumes lot of time of inspectors out of their duty hours allocated to them resulting in inadequate control over traffic. Also, they have to again follow the procedure to give account of all total receipts at the end of their duties, which is again tedious activity.

Novelty and Usefulness

If we make a computerised software to register all types of defaults/ breakage of traffic rules by the commuters, it will be easier to operate it to all our traffic control inspectors. This innovation will have following advantages over conventional / manual method of record keeping:
1) Keep track of all traffic control defaults, repetitive defaults, commuters vehicle information, licence etc. information and do the further analysis.
2) It will save lot of time of traffic controllers resulting in their work efficiency

Description of Innovation

1) Will develop software to register all defaults / breakage of traffic controls
2) Each traffic police controller to be provided suitable electronic device to register above data including mobile device
3) The data registered will be stored on a server to be provided by Government
4) We will be able to analyse data police depotwise/ taluka/district wise
5) This data can be useful to all including all Commissioners/ State Government authorities and various research institutes to have control over traffic


We will give suitable prototype once the idea is accepted.

Current Stage

We are sure to execute this project with proper support from the reputed organization like you.

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